This Week: UDM Show

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DJ Nemesis
20.03.2011 04:17:28
Blessings & respect dj tekkie !!

11.03.2011 16:09:17
I love this showw so much mates! Incredible vibes. Band of the Hand. House Headz

04.03.2011 21:28:19
Mark Stone is Awesome!!!!! Keep House Music Alive!!!

22.02.2011 21:02:32
hy guys... much love and respect! seeyaa all this saturday...will be awesome!

22.02.2011 03:47:12
Hey Valentino....ich vermisse die Playlist von Show 357.....das 2. Stück is so der Hammer.....bitte postest die Playlist möglichst schnell.....danke und macht so weiter....peace

26.01.2011 15:40:35
Best show on the best station...Finally London is back to the musical vanguard. House music at its finest. PLEAAAASE keep it up Question: what are the details of this fab track you play, female singer, words like "There s no one for me but you/what you do no one else can do".... More generally are your playlists accessible? BRAVO again!!

Abe Kadushin
24.01.2011 02:23:03
Met you guys in Miami at the WMC a couple years back and really enjoy your tracks - I am a househead!

13.01.2011 10:33:55
Heya, I am loving the show in the morning. Perks me right up driving to work each morning. NEED YOUR HELP! You played a soulful house song either Tue / Wed Morning - chorus Let it rainnnnn, Let it pourrrrrr, Rain Rain Rain. Please help with Artist & Title - Love that song!

10.01.2011 21:04:26
Hello and Yes ; the show is still Bangin along : might need to put the second hour playlist on also sell ,sell sell the music.. for sure : ramonramon

Tarik Güven
06.01.2011 02:15:21
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE what more can i say.....i listen to your show since number 300.....i enjoy every new show that start every´s absolut amazing what kind of music you play or must i say it´s absolut unbelievable how fantastic sounds you give as a present for all people in the world who are love to listen our play my absolutly favourite music....what can i your will be better and better.....many greetings from cologne in germany...