This Week: UDM Show

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Gilbert Le Funk
29.04.2008 00:23:14
Hi there! First, contrats on the site; I hope yo like my remix of the last DJ Dove track "I want it all", visit ! PEACE! Gilbert Le Funk

stevie "dope"
29.04.2008 00:21:47
oh my god...whats happen last night??? rockin the groovelift. Peace to the udm-posse

29.04.2008 00:21:00
This is propably the best show i have heard. The music is just unbelievable and i like the fact that nearly all the tracks are good. This is just what house should be. Well done guys, you are number 1. Hope to see you some time in Cyprus. Ciao Socratis

29.04.2008 00:20:00
defend the real house music

29.04.2008 00:19:10
Hey merci, tausend dank, dass de mir d UDMshow offebaart hesch! Mi laebe het sich schlagartig verbessert! See you in the voltahalle.. and keep it groovin!

DJ Pyron
29.04.2008 00:18:10
Hallo Mark, hallo Mario! Congratulations!!! Echt cool was ihr do uf dBei gstellt heit! Machet witter so... Cheers, Luki

Markus from The Soulpreachers
29.04.2008 00:17:04
Hello fellas, Just checked out your website - good stuff! I think you are doing a great job, really appreciate your work! Lets keep the sound of the underground alive! Best Markus

Meier Philipp
29.04.2008 00:15:50
Hey Freaks, I have finally got time to visit your web site. Last weekend, Martin and me, we prepared a little supplement for you which will also be radiated on mash tv in the miami report. Watch out on Wednesday...I hope that UDM Show will soon have an own channel in Switzerland. C u at groove lift greetz philipp

natalie dalton
29.04.2008 00:14:42
hey jungs -chappeau- ihr haen emol dr finger usezoge, harti arbet gleistet und sind dra euri traeum z realisiere. respekt ohne ende. kizzz a allne, euri nat.

Umberto Giannini
29.04.2008 00:13:44
Hi Guys it was nice to meet you last week. Thanks for the records. Im liking very much. Ciao!!